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Fact #1

A poll in August from Rasmussen Reports shows President Trump's approval rating among the Black community at 36%, almost double what it was in August of last year. America is waking up to the failed policies of Democrats and their poor leadership. Oh, and by the way, Yes, Donald Trump is YOUR President. 

Fact #2

In April, the Black unemployment rate dropped to a low of 6.6 percent, followed by another record of 5.9% in June, the first time in history it fell below 6%. Although Democrats thank the failed policies of Obama for this decline in unemployment, it does not make sense that it wasn't until Obama left that the growth began. 

Fact #3

President Trump is actively pursuing the passing of Prison Reform, which among other things, will add funds to re-entry programs, seek to reduce minimum sentencing and end mass incarceration, and provide a path for prisoners to earn early release based on good behavior. 

Fact #4

Democrats thrive on creating a mentality of racism and hatred in America. When we feel oppressed and victimized, their kind words and promises of action are exactly what we want to hear. The reality is that when we don't think on our own, that is when we fall prey to the lies the media feeds us. It's time to wake up, and tell Democrats they Cant Bully Us!